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JOYROOM GaN 65W/67W/100W/140W Charger

Model: JR-TCG05UK
Name: 140W GaN 3C1A Fast Charger
USB-C1+C2 Output: 65W+65W
USB-C1/C2+C3/USB-A Output: 100W+30W
USB-C3+USB-A Output: 15W
USB-C1+C2+C3 Output: 65W+45W+20W
USB-C1+C2+USB-A Output: 65W+45W+18W
USB-C1/C2+C3+USB-A Output: 100W+15W
USB-C1+C2+C3+USB-A Output: 65W+45W+15W
Total Output: 140W(Max)
Material: PC fireproof material

Open-Ear True Wireless Headphones

Comfortable open-ear design, less hearing damage, better awareness of surroundings, safer to use outdoors.