JR-H09/JR-H10/JR-H11/JR-H12 Easy Fit full cover Screen Protector with Dust-Removal Film Screen Protector for iPhone 14 series

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Material: high aluminum tempered glass
Contains: 1*applicator + 1*glass film +1*screem application tool kit
1. It will protect your phone's display from the effects of falls. The glass has a hardness of 9H
2. It will facilitate the process of sticking the glass to the phone. The mounting kit is an innovative system that automatically adjusts the glass to the phone
3. Provides a seamless application. Together with the glass and the mounting kit, you get the instruction manual (also in the form of a video)
4. It guarantees perfect clarity and excellent touch response. The glass has an oleophobic layer that does not leave fingerprints
5. Simple assembly method. The glass is already attached to the mounting kit, so installation is incredibly easy